company softball game

when i was away on a business trip last month, my cube mate signed me up for our office softball team. i wanted to kill her.

now, i'm all about showing up to games and supporting my coworkers and cheering and handing out orange slices...but playing? like actually hitting the ball? and throwing? and dear god, catching? not really my style. 

but here's the thing about these co-ed recreational leagues...every team must have at least four women on the roster at every game or else you start with an extra out (or something).

with people traveling and taking summer vacations and what not, we usually have exactly four women on our team. which means i have to actually play softball. which is REALLY FUNNY because the last time i played softball was maybe 17 years ago in 5th grade gym class. (and maybe some kids made fun of me.)

last week i tried really hard to get out of playing. i would occasionally yell things like,

"hold on guys! i need to google 'how do i play softball?' really quick."


"so which hand do i wear my glove on again?"

didn't work. i had to play.

but this week?

this week we had 5 women show up. so i didn't have to play! instead, i cheered from the and drinking warm Franzia.

best softball game ever.

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amy said...

dude. you're so pretty. bai.