le sigh

now that i am 28 i...

have to wear tinted moisturizer,

have to wear eye cream,

have several gray, wiry hairs sticking up out of my scalp.

and this sort of sucks because if i've ever had anything going for me in the looks department, it's been hair and skin.

and now?

i suppose i will have to flaunt the ba-donka-donk.

*shakes what my momma gave me*


Courtney said...

getting old is a bitch. at least we have our health! (and booze)

Meredith said...

Ugh, gray hairs. I have a ton, and what was the worst was a few years ago when I went to get my hair cut in this really nice salon in Boston, and my stylist actually SAID, "Wow, you have a ton of gray hair! How old are you?"
And yet, somehow I still tipped her?
Don't worry, though, because you're gorgeous!

Jenni said...

Ha! can't wait to see some photos of you flaunting your ba-donka-donk ;)

Rock it woman!

Jenni said...
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