now that i am between jobs...

...this is what my life looks like:

comfy chair
diet coke
grilled cheese
romance novel

and on the TV? probably one of TCL's finest shows (A Baby Story, 18 Kids and Counting, What Not to Wear, etc.)

good lerd, i need a job.


Meredith said...
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Meredith said...

Awe-some. And I love your chair. Where are the pictures of the new apartment?

Courtney said...

grilled cheese? YES PLEASE!

PS: I kind of love TLC's A Baby Story....

sarah said...

sigh. this is what my life looks like in my head.
i think you should write a book.
a collection of essays about your life!
i would read it!
`cept the UCT part... we are rivals, you see

Jenni said...

Shoot... that looks like a super life to me. Can I join? :)Glad to see that you are enjoying Chicago and I love your new couch! So sweet and modern and awesome. :)

Bridget said...

How is your job hunt going? I was really enjoying the whole comfy couch, warm blanket, good book, dumb tv shows thing for the first week or two, and now I kind of want to kill myself.