Happy Birthday to my super pretty and smart and funny friend,

(Rosie, Jillian, Julie at the Zebra Lounge)

Rosie was my sorority pledge master. She lives in Chicago and flies planes for a living.

Rosie is an all around badass mofo.

Thank you for being a friend, Rosie!


Jim said...

Here's hoping your birthday includes a few drinks in the box office.

Or maybe not. That's actually a horrible, dangerous idea. Probably would get you fired and endanger countless lives.

Maybe keep the toasts until after work.

rosalievl said...

Thanks Michaela and Jim! Attention is exactly what I wanted for my birthday. That and chocolate, which I got on fruit and cupcakes nom nom nom.

I keep wanting to try these legendary 9 lb whoopie pies, but I'm scared. Now that you've told the internet that I'm a badass mofo, my hand is forced to accept the challenge...not too upset about that really.