jim's parent's recently got a new puppy.

her name is daily, isn't that cute?

jim and i were the only couple at christmas who did not have a dog. i tried not to be jealous, but it was hard.

so tonight i told jim that he could either get me a puppy or a baby for my birthday.

then jim's head exploded and i had to pick up the pieces.

i don't think i'm getting either one this year.



Jenni said...

A puppy or a baby - tell Jim to go for the pup! :)

And I'm the one person in my family to not have a dog either, it is a little sad.

Courtney said...

Puppies are loads of fun!

(i'm sure babies are too...I just don't have one so I can't say)

Mari said...

hahhahha baby or puppy!?!??! you're too funny...yeah I'd get the doggie hahhaha

the "L" spot said...

hahaaha that is so cute!!

if he were smart he'd go for the easier choice!

amy said...

baby baby baby!

(sorry, jim.)

Kimberly Julie said...

is that a cavalier king charles spaniel!? because i love them. they are amazing.

Jim said...

Yes, it is a Cavalier King Charles.