christmas came a little early... the morris/reedy household this year.

Jim's mom and dad gave us this lovely little table and chairs that we found at a cozy antique shop in Rhode Island over the thanksgiving holiday.

and can i just tell you how THRILLED i am to have a kitchen table?


honestly, you might never know a person so happy to have a table and chairs as i am right now.

you see, when i left Massachusetts to go to college in Indiana, i moved with just the two pieces of luggage i could check on the plane. and when i graduated from Purdue and moved to Chicago? same two bags came with me.

the year is now 2010 (close enough), and do you know what i have collected over the years?


i've just always lived with people who had couches and coffee tables and utensils and all that good common area type stuff.

so, hi! i'm a 27 year old person who has spoons that bend when i eat ice cream!

and you know what i love about tables? you can put stuff on them! like candle sticks and place mats and actual plates.

Does this not absolutely thrill anyone else?

look at me! growing up and eating at a table!

Thank you for our wonderful Christmas present, Mr. and Mrs. Reedy! We really love it.


Courtney said...

'growing up and eating at a table'


Jim said...

Disclaimer: We have not yet eaten at this table. Old habits are hard to break.

Meredith said...

I get all kinds of excited when I buy/receive something that feels all permanent and grown up. Sometimes I still can't get over the fact that we have an actual bed and (some) furniture that isn't handed down from our parents. It's a similar situation with the dog and cat.
Congratulations! It's such a pretty table, too.

amy said...

oh, so cozy i love it! i want to sit and drink a cup of tea with you there!

Jenni said...

HaHa - seriously, you are hilarious. I love that you are so excited about a table. Too cute :)

chunky_lover68 said...

my parents gave me there old, old one. I even suspect it was from IKEA. ugh I want there new one, or just buy one as nice as you got. truly thrilling. haha it is such a status too, to be able to eat your lucky charms at the table lik a real adult!

Kristin said...

What a gorgeous set!

sarah said...

i am ordering a table today and i am over the frigging moon



Kimberly Julie said...

it is darling! (even if y'all have yet to actually utilize it... based on jim's above comment, haha!)

amy said...

doode. come back and blahg.

hearts and other indoor sports,