um, hello october

did you remember to say "rabbit rabbit" this morning? i didn't. i always forget.

anyway, it's like...officially october! how did that happen?

to be honest, i've been a busy bee and things have been sort of stressy over here in M town and i sort of need to crawl into a dark hole and hyperventilate. OK? OK.

here is something that makes me happy though...

these are my Blue Jean Amy vinatge Frye boots and i heart them. lucky for me, amy has cute little feet and these boots were too big for her so i've adopted them. i wore them every day last winter. think i'm kidding? ask my co-workers. every. day.

and guess what? theeeeyyyy'rrreee bbbbbaaaaaaacccck.


Amy Cowan said...


seriously so happy they found such a loving adoptive mama.

they're adorbs!! and you're even more adorbs in them! <3

Kimberly Julie said...

boots, autumn, scarves... i love it all so very much!!! i started rocking the boots as of this weekend myself... :)