random letters

dear kate spade,

i love, love, love your fall dresses.

i'm loving the tights too.
love, michaela

dear jim,

i think i really need a kate spade dress. but if i can't have that, can i have a miniature bull terrier puppy?
your wife (from the future!)

dear stephenie meyer,

the fourth twilight book is super sexy.

me likey.

a 27 year old who reads young adult novels


Jim said...

A bull terrier or a French bulldog?

mic said...

one of each?

Courtney said...

You and I are riding the same brain wave...that 4th Twilight book is super sexy! haha!

I've got my fingers crossed that you get a sweet new pup!

amy said...

get a frenchie! and name it frenchie.

is this the book that convinced you i'm having a vampire baby?

also: i'm intrigued by this thing you call "sexy" -- the first book was lacking of the sexy. should i press on?

CH said...

Wait that dog looks super scary.

Jenni said...

The whole Twilight series is fantastic! I'm a 24 year old that read the entire set within a month. Love them.

And Kate Spade. Yum, yum, yum! I am loving those tights too. I need the money tree to fall on me so I can do some shopping. Like now.

olivia rae said...

i am really really loving those kate spade dresses and tights too!