Hello, Cleveland!

this past weekend jim and i left our little loft in brooklyn to visit his sister and her husband in Cleveland. (or as Jack Donaghy likes to call it, "The Cleve.")

here is jim's sister, molly, and her hubs, scott. (a.k.a. my future in-laws. OR...my in-laws FROM THE FUTURE.)

molly and scott sat with us through a very rainy Indians game.

(the cake batter flavored frozen custard made the rain somewhat bearable...it tasted like fun fetti!)

it was nice to escape the city for a little bit and visit {new} family in The Cleve.

thanks for playing with us, molly and scott!

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Jenni said...

What did you think of Cleveland? I'm not a big fan of it. But that's just because I'm a Michigan snob and think Ohio is stupid :) No offense to your man's sister and hubs, they seem pretty normal for living in Ohio.