The family reunion on Lake Ariel was AWESOME!

We're home in Brooklyn now. Good thing it rained this morning because if it were 90 degrees and sunny I would've had to jump in the lake and swim away yelling, "i'm not leeeeaaaavvvving!"

Jim's family is lovely and I know I fit in well with them because BOY DO THEY LIKE CHOCOLATE!!! I should have taken some pics of the dessert spread...cookies and cookie bars and cakes and little muffins, and brownies, and more cake, and more cookies...I think I just developed the diabeetus. (Help me, Wilford Brimley!)


mm said...

diabeetus makes me laugh. not the disease, the pronunciation. thanks wilford.

sarah said...


you`re a hootin tootin good time, mic

Jenni said...

Oh did you go kayaking? I love doing that!
ps- this place looks adorable.