Saturday at Lollapalooza was super fun!

It was easily over 90 degrees in Grant Park and there were a couple moments where I thought I might pass out and get trampled by the crowds leaving Arctic Monkeys, but I have to say that the day was pretty awesome overall.

The best part? SEEING MY FRIENDS!

This is Rosie (a.k.a. rosiethered; a.k.a Pledge Master):

This is Tia (a.k.a. Tia Pet; a.k.a. Voltron's heart):

This is Suzie (a.k.a. Boozie):

P.S. I will post more pics as soon as I can steal them from Tia's Facebook page.

P.P.S. Tia, please don't hate me for calling you Tia Pet

P.P.P.S. Tia, i totally sang t-t-t-tia! the other day in my living room

P.P.P.P.S. Tia, please post your Lolla pics on Facebook soon.

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