i heart doughnuts

there is a magical place in new york's lower east side called

Doughnut Plant

(when i first heard the name i thought "maybe there are all different kinds of doughnut plants...like doughnut shrubs and doughnut trees." and then i thought, "wouldn't it be fun to go doughnut picking at a doughnut orchard?" but i assure you that they mean the other kind of plant because i looked and there are no doughnut plants at the Doughnut Plant.)

(here i am enjoying a chocolate valrhona yeast doughnut)

if you're in new york city (or randomly, Japan, because they have 9 Doughnut Plants there!) then go, go, go to Doughnut Plant! your tummy will thank you.


Nikki said...

good lord that looks amazing... please take me there!

sarah said...

there are donut plants in JAPAN?? where are these magical places? i will go!

Kimberly Julie said...

um, this looks divine. now i want a donut... stat!!

Amy Cowan said...

holy god, is that place for real?

i want a job there.

Jenni said...

That donut is huge... and looks insanely tasty.