we put stuff on the walls

for the past couple months we have had just two things hanging on our walls: a "Gone to Fenway" sign and a panoramic picture of Fenway Park. awesome.

so while i sat on the couch and stuffed mini peanut butter cups in my face yesterday, jim hung some non-baseball related stuff.

you can tell how much my decorating skills have matured since college because these album covers (which once hung in my sorority house) are now framed. classy!

we bought these letters at urban-o.

and of course...the peas of april!

jim's the one in the back driving.


n-mukai said...

So nice! I want to see more pics of your place! Or just see your place in person.

Stacey Sargent said...

I actually really like what you framed! Looks awesome and vintage!

Thanks for the comment! You are beyond lovely and gorgeous!!