put a ring on it

three of my friends have become engaged in April, and we're not even half way through the month yet!

first up is amy.

these pics were taken at the giraffe sanctuary outside of nairobi, kenya. it was on our africa trip that amy finnnnalllly confirmed that she was indeed dating john. we already knew they were an item because we all worked together, but it was so fun to finally talk about it. they're a super cute couple!

next up, caroline. or whacko sacko. or carlo suck. she'll answer to any of those names.

caroline and i both love chili's. i used to only order their black bean burger, but then carlo introduced me to the fajitas and now i dream about them! other fun facts about caroline: she was *thisclose* to getting her hand chopped off by a fruit vendor in bangkok's chinatown (i was there, it was scary), we've been skydiving in chicago and we rode an elephant in thailand. also i think we both took turns siting on a water buffalo? not sure what that was about. she has a rockin' shoe collection, and she "started" Louboutin (just ask her, she'll tell you.)

and now for...caroline v!

jacqueline (behind), caroline

becca, caroline

i met caroline back in...2001? maybe? i met her through jacqueline, my pledge sister. jacqueline is caroline's biological sister and also her sorority sister. they're both my sorority sisters. follow?

when jacqueline and i were sophomores and juniors in college, caroline was still in high school. even though she wasn't technically eligible to participate in our sorority events, we'd recruit caroline to play in philanthropy soccer games. we knew she'd be ONE OF US soon anyway so it wasn't really cheating. she was fast and athletic and she knew how to play soccer so those were all pluses. also she was still too young to wake up up with a debilitating hangover on saturday morning so we knew she wouldn't back out.

anyway! caroline eventually did come to purdue for college (boiler up!) and pledged the sorority. i heart her and her whole family. they're pretty much my second family.

i am so excited for all three of you! please send ring pictures!


Lindsey said...

Congrats to all your friends. Oh, and you get the travel award for the day. Look at all those places you've been!

A "cheery" disposition said...

so cool you got to feed them!