just imagine

woah baby.

what if you lived in an adorable brick house with a cute little white picket fence and a side yard filled with CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM?

this is a picture of a picture hanging up at Friendly's. i'm totally regretting not getting a pic of the hamburger emerging from the old covered bridge.

for those of you who have not been to a Friendly's (they're mostly on the east coast and ohio), this art work should show you what kind of classy joint you're missing.


Lindsey said...

Ooh, I think I would like to make friends with a Friendly's.

Oh, and all I do is eat too. My kinda girl. One day it will all catch up with us, no?

And I totally agree: I think our Rockstar Diaries rockstar is a true fashion idol...I so wish I had her wardrobe, her bangs, her teeth, and your lips (you two look quite similar to me, especially since I found your blogs at the same time).

Lindsey said...

You know, no one that I've tagged in my most recent blog is playing along, and since you're a cute fun girl who I haven't gotten to know yet, would you mind being my honorary tagee, my 8th tag girl, my new tagalicious friend?

Kimberly Julie said...

My grandmother used to always take my sister and I to Friendly's whenever we would visit... It always reminds me of her! Wish we had em in Georgia...