Go Ugly Early

Today I wish I were sitting in the fish bowl at Harry's Chocolate Shop in West Lafayette, Indiana with these people...

We would drink big Coronas...

...and my favorite drink of all time, The Green Dragon (like a Long Island Iced Tea made with Midori and Sprite).

Anna Marie would grace us with an interpretive dance!

And we would talk about how we scored the best seat in the house...

...just in time to watch the No. 5 seed in the West Region of the 2009 NCAA Tournament (PURDUE!) play Northern Iowa (who?)


P.S. These pictures were all taken in 2006 which means I am seriously overdue for a trip to Boiler Country!

P.P.S. I demand the next trip to Purdue includes Julie and Suzie and Becca and Caroline. We need an updated circle pic!

P.P.P.S. The next time we take a circle pic, please remind me to staple my chin fat back so it looks like i have just one chin.

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redrosiehed said...

I couldn't agree more :)


p.s. i miss your pretty face