i gots bangs

i don't like the following pics, but someone (hi carlo!) keeps asking me to showoff my bangs and these are the only bang photos i have. so please excuse the red demonic eyes. please excuse the scarf that looks as though i puked it up all over my chest.

behold my bangs!

i look just like i did in 6th grade.


Amy Cowan said...

1.) i love them!!

2) we're twins!!

3) as someone who lived thru groton dunstable regional middle school with you, i can attest that yes: add a graham cracker to your hand and you look like you did circa '93. but that ain't bad!!

n-mukai said...

a) love them - you are super cute always.

b) are you irish???


mm said...

they look great! but i bet they look better in person, lets hang out.