embracing the filth

I have decided that I need to find more things about this city to love. Because I live here now. And although New York is not Chicago, and although I don't have oodles of friends here [yet!], this city is my home.

I spent a good chunk of the summer being angry with New York. I complained about the filth and the crazies and the subways and pretty much everything. Looking back I can safely say that that was a really BAD "let's get adjusted to a new place" strategy. Every complaint and every tear did nothing but reinforce the idea that New York is EVIL in my mind. And that's not fair. It's not New York's fault that I chose to weep on the couch instead of embracing all the good stuff she has to offer.

So feel free to drag me off the couch to do things! I think my Zoloft has started to kick in! It's safe to be around me again! MUAHHAHA IAMCRAZZZZYYYYY!!!!

Anyway. Here is a random and in-no-particular-order list of things I’d like to see, eat, and do in NYC before the end of the year (see how proactive i'm being?):

1. Shake Shack. A favorite lunch spot among my co-workers, the line here can be over an hour long. I hear the burgers and milkshakes are worth the wait, but I have yet to stand in line. Before I do, I’ll be sure to check out my wait time on the live “shake cam”.

2. The Museum of Modern Art, or as it’s more commonly referred to, MoMA. Yeah, I really haven’t been yet.

3. Magnolia Bakery. For a cupcake, obv.

4. Ice skating in Central Park. Because I hear Rockefeller Center is smaller and more crowded, and because the park makes me happy.

5. Walk across the Brooklyn bridge (from the Brooklyn side to Manhattan)

6. Move to Brooklyn

Hold me to it.

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Sharon said...

i would do any and all of those things with you, particularly the walk across the bridge.

and O god yes, move to brooklyn! it's so good. you will love.