my first celebrity sighting

you'd think after 5 months in nyc i would've spotted a few celebs, right? i've probably walked by dozens of them and not even noticed, i'm pretty oblivious sometimes. i mean, i just figured out which building is the empire state building (it's the tall one) so yeah...i'm not really one for all the 'looking' and 'seeing' and 'noticing' of things.

i thought i passed James Michael Tyler (aka Gunther on Friends) on 6th avenue a week ago. i was wrong.

but jim saw "the pc" at LaGuardia last week!

when he told me "the pc" was wearing airwalks i was sure he was mistaken...clearly he meant he saw the mac? justin long? the casual and cool ex-boyfriend of drew barrymore? to settle our little dispute we set off to find the man (er computer?) in question and in fact it was "the pc" and he was wearing some kind of skater-ish shoe. he was kinda cute actually. go figure.

so anyway i've seen a celeb. i can identify the empire state building. i just need to survive some kind of terrorist attack and then i'll be a real new yorker!


JCRHoo said...

John Hodgman is funny:

He was not funny at LaGuardia. But he was carrying a suit bag.

Amy Cowan said...

oh he's a lovable one. i always feel bad for him and turn the sound down.