feeling sorry for me

It’s 5:00, the Friday before Memorial Day and as everyone in my office sprints for the door, I just can’t help but feel…bummed. It’s the first time since moving that I’ve actually felt alone. And considering my one New York friend is already Cape-bound, I guess I am alone?

For the past two weeks I’ve just thrown myself into work. With six PowerPoint presentations to prepare before next week’s BREW conference, I didn’t have much choice. But even if I had no urgent need to slave over charts and agonize over background colors, I would have found reasons to stick around the office. At least I know people here.

But the weekend! What to do with myself now? I LOVE weekends…what with all the extra sleep and daytime shopping and night time debauchery. But from where I’m sitting here and now, the weekend seems kind of depressing. And just typing that depresses me more.

The thing is that I expected this…I knew this weird, sad, homesick feeling would come. But I didn’t know it would feel quite this bad. Because you see…I’m really very good at hanging out with myself. I’m also very good at making friends, getting involved, joining in, etc. Hello…I’m a sorority girl! So when I was still considering moving, and the occasional “But I don’t know anyone there!” panic would set in, I shrugged it off thinking it would just be a matter of time until I settled into my own little social groove.

And I know I’ll find my groove eventually. I also know I sound like some pathetic girl who’s freaking out too soon. Or worse…some pathetic girl who’s incapable of enjoying a night spent alone with takeout and a good movie. But you know what? I’ve hung out with myself every night for the past week and a half and I’m sick of me!

So. Off to Forever 21…Because nothing cheers me up quite like cheap and poorly made clothing in all the latest styles.


Amy Maloof said...

i'm solo this weekend too, and already going er? go to the movies. go to like 4 of them. may i suggest 'son of rambow'? you're totally doing something with people then. and maybe hot man in next seat?

barnes and noble also passes the time, trashy novels read in the park do the work. anything that moves the clock but also makes you feel person-ish.

oh and call matt and bug him. do it.

Sharon said...

omg... new friend! i am so sorry i dragged you to that terrible place but glad we got to hang?! i may be nyc-bound sooner than i thought which is scary because i don't really know anyone either but we can do stuff!! please!!? let me make it up to you? i hope the rest of your mem-day weekend was lovely!