pre-coffee madness

so every morning, i have to wait a good 10 minutes in the damp, cold, underground El station for a train to take me to my office. On most mornings there are at least 2 trains packed full of god's people that will stop, open the doors (so the people on board can laugh at us on the platform and say, "no room for you!") close the doors and keep going. The people standing on the platform with me know that trying to smoosh yourself into one of those cars is ridiculous and insane and just impossible. so why do it? so we wait. EVERYONE on the platform waits. patiently. then, some more people join us on the platform. and another 10 minutes into my wait for a not-too-full train, a mother and her three year old daughter come down the stairs and wait directly behind me for the next train. but dude, i'm first. because i've been waiting longer. and that's just how that works. right? i mean, i don't care that you have a kid. single people are people too. didn't you see that Sex and the City episode?

Anyway, a THIRD train pulls up to the platform and of course it's packed and there's barley any room for any ONE person to fit inside, but maybe i'll try to squeeze in because, hello...i need to get to work at some point today. but before i can even take my first step towards the train's open door, the mother behind me picks up her daughter, holds her out in front of her at arms length, steps right in front of me, and pushes her way onto the El. did you hear that? she's using her daughter as some kind of cow pusher. THIS MAKES ME VERY MAD.

when i finally get on a train and then off a train, i take the escalator up to street level. this is rush hour mind you, so there are lots of us doing the same thing. but someone, SOMEONE REALLY STUPID, gets to the top of the escalator and just stops at the landing and looks around and scratches her butt and goes, "uhhhh?". meanwhile, there are 500 people behind here with no where to go. THIS ALSO MAKES ME VERY MAD.

i should drink coffee before i leave the house. wow.

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Amy Maloof said...

oh i have serious anger management issues when it comes to public transportation. i just hope my loved ones have the money to bail me out of jail when i kill the next old lady who sits on my coat.