...and the world is safe for one more day

soooo you know how i decided to just stop taking my prozac one day? and remember how i thought that was an ok decision? well, i was VERY wrong.

i haven't had any food problems...i've just turned into the most freaked out, crying, bitchy person you've ever met. i'm pretty sure i've annoyed some people this week. and i know for a fact that i successfully pissed off the guy who signs my checks which is never good.

let's just say i'm lucky to still have a job. and since i recognize how lucky i am to have such forgiving and generous people in my world, i've decided to go back on the crazy pill.

so goodnight. it's time for my afternoon nap.

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Amy Maloof said...

muahhahaah i found your blog!!! and i love it!!!! now you're in trouble, b/c i will bug you all the time for updates. let's put links up of each others' blogs and pretend we're dooce and mightygirl. okay, that's not fair b/c we'd both want to be the hot blonde with cheekbones.

p.s. i think you made the right decision.