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Monday, July 09, 2007

Last summer my body resembled that of a pre-adolescent boy. I went through a super skinny phase that left me without my lady lumps but with the added fun of many fine hairs coating everything except the bottoms of my feet and palms. The hairiness sucked, but with such a gangly figure, I could certainly wear whatever I wanted. And for some reason what I wanted to wear was usually some large red muumuu and plastic flip flops. I know, I know.

Anywho, I'm much healthier and a whole lot curvier these days which I think is fab. I've also shed that strange layer of fuzz which is even fabbier. So this summer, the only things that remain of the Michaela you all knew and loved last year, are my collection of oversized sunglasses and my tendency to lurk on your porch and drink lots of wine.

That said, I've decided to push this newfound healthiness to new and exciting places. First up on my list of weird-yet-engaging exercise activities was a trapeze class C Sack and I took last weekend. And I learned something my first lesson…if ever Mintel dumps me, I can certainly have a career as "carnie extraordinaire". Seriously though…I'm like, freakishly good at trapeze-ing.

So yeah…what's next for me? Ideas? If you say something lame like "strip aerobics" I will punch you in the mouth.

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